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You know where you are heading and our experienced navigators guide you through the ever-changing ocean of modern application development.


We are partners in discussing technology directions for corporate IT. As project managers and subject-matter experts we have been involved in many projects at global companies, so we understand the complexity of software development. We offer our trustworthy expertise in finding the tailored solution that works best for your organisation. We are not general consultants, but come from the technology side, with our R&D unit constantly researching IT trends. We can help improve the cooperation between business and IT.

Our fields of expertise

Service-oriented IT

Transitioning to an agile IT development function, that is able to adapt to the unique and changing needs of your business.

IT investments optimization

Decision-making support in how to implement your application development strategy in practice, resulting in a software portfolio aligned with business priorities.

Application modernization

The migration of legacy to new applications or platforms (recoding, rearchitecting, re-engineering) leading to a modern (scalable, cloud-native) technology stack.

Application portfolio review

Streamlining of software assets, improvement of vendor management, standardization and licence consolidation.

DevOps function setup and management

Guidance and knowledge transfer in the creation / improvement of your in-house DevOps “factory”.

Security management

Guidance and knowledge transfer in the creation of IT security policies, BCPs and DRPs.

Benefits of working with us

Business-oriented, flexible and adaptive IT development function

Modernized application portfolio, reduced TCO

Easier to retain IT talents and attract new professionals

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