Software development process enhancement

Got stuck with the development project? We boost up your team's efficiency so you can avoid pitfalls.


A business-focused, collaborative software development process is essential in digital product go-to-market excellence. From overcoming development project hurdles to establishing a new way of thinking in IT development, we provide practice-oriented process enhancement services, knowledge transfer and hands-on training for your internal team and introduce them the latest best-of-breed tools.

Areas of enhancement

Development process review

We gather the requirements of stakeholders on both the business and IT side. We analyze the current development and QA functions and identify points for improvement. Together with your in-house team, we create a detailed, actionable project plan focusing on low-hanging fruit-type quick enhancements and programs for complex, systematic changes.

Agile transformation

We help create a common vision between business users and IT development teams about the agile way of working together. We believe in a human-focused, practical approach in introducing lean principles, agile values and the scrum framework tailored to your current operation. The result is a new mindset focusing on business value delivery, leading to a better performing (and ever-evolving) development process, delivering digital products faster.

Hands-on training for group leaders

We train and mentor product owners, scrum masters, project managers, business analysts, solution architects and development team leads. We help select a standardized kit of best-of-breed tools and techniques. We also put emphasis on communication and management practices and leadership skills that help to maximize team performance.

Automation and documentation

As specialists of coding automation, we review the level of automation in your development, testing and deployment operations, and suggest up-to-date technology solutions. We implement process mapping, documentation best practices and risk management planning.


Faster feature development

Increased predictability of software delivery

Better software quality

Cost-effective development and testing

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