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The integrated DevOps toolchain and cultural change, challenging conventional IT thinking are both key success factors


BlackBelt's commitment to DevOps technology is best illustrated by the fact that the introduction of the methodology in our company was linked to our own development, the creation of the Judo low-code platform. Based on the experience of recent years, we firmly believe that DevOps increases the efficiency of the application delivery process by orders of magnitude.

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The revolution of the production line
András Wolf

András Wolf

Sales Director

A development project isn’t complete when all the lines of code have been written but only when the application has successfully gone live and is smoothly operating, fully functional and is adapting to all local systems. Nowadays, the ability to execute monthly or even weekly developments has become vitally important for a growing number of companies.

That is precisely what DevOps has to offer. It creates a production line that connects the developer and operator environment, which unites the previously separated phases of production and integrates them into a single, smoothly functioning process. After its development, the production line doesn’t require continuous professional monitoring; the company itself can perform operational and maintenance upkeep. Once a company recognizes that it’s worth modernizing the channel where IT developments are received, it is able to gain a major competitive advantage.

I am fully convinced that, just as modern automotive manufacturing was made possible by the introduction of the production line, the same logic can yield a breakthrough in the modern economy based on software.

BlackBelt & DevOps

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Diagram source: Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference; 14–15 May 2020

BlackBelt’s commitment to DevOps technology couldn’t be more clearly illustrated by the fact that the introduction of the methodology was tied to one of our own goals, the creation of the low-code platform, JUDO. Over the recent years, the JUDO-framework system has been extended with a number of new functions. However, one thing has remained unchanged throughout the ongoing work: our conviction that DevOps can greatly boost the efficiency of the application delivery process.

The methodology has clearly been transcended by the launch-related hype typical of the IT sector. Therefore, the assessment of its merits is not based on the publicity surrounding it, but rather the industry results that speak for themselves, as well as our own experiences. We know that adapting to the business environment is of the utmost importance, and it’s also obvious that this requirement can only be satisfied through the continuous development and updating of applications. Therefore, if the question is how can a company’s systems be as up to date as possible, ensuring that the latest modifications and corrections are incorporated in the entire system in the fastest possible way, BlackBelt’s answer is simple: DevOps.

Not only do we insist on this principle that can be summarized in a single word in our own operations, we have also confidently steered the projects of numerous corporate partners in this direction. It makes no difference what kind of software environment it will be incorporated in or whether it’s running from the cloud or the client’s own servers — DevOps can practically be integrated into any corporate infrastructure.

Fields in which DevOps is already producing results


Over the recent years, we have performed business-oriented developments of a varying nature for a number of our clients from the telecommunications to the healthcare sector. Despite the diversity of the projects, what they all had in common was that their applications were developed using a Kubernetes foundation, while the delivery was performed through the DevOps system which was also developed with a container technology. The two foundation stones of our projects, the Kubernetes and DevOps methodologies are the two foundation stones of our projects, which go hand in hand, contributing to our increased efficiency.


Our corporate clients specifically commission us to establish DevOps production lines in order to bring out the most of their self-developed software. A unique feature of DevOps is that it’s compatible with all widespread technologies, so there are practically no development/operational environment in which it can’t be successfully applied. Our former clients were all committed users of the container technology and this is how we utilized the DevOps automations in their systems.


Our colleague, Ákos Mocsányi held multiple meetups to discuss the subject of DevOps. The videos are available at the following links:


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András Wolf

András Wolf

Sales Director