Why hire from Budapest?

In the heart of Central Europe, Budapest is full of highly trained developers who can fit into your team perfectly

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Why Budapest?
8 reasons
to outsource your application development to Hungary

1. Location

As the country is situated in Central Europe, Budapest is perfect to provide services in all directions. With a 2-3 hours flight any business manager can visit the developer team for a personal check-up.


2. EU membership and passportfree traveling

Hungary becomes a more reasonable and affordable option for EU citizens and companies registered in the EU due to its membership since 2004.

EU membership and passportfree traveling

3. Excellent language skills

Most Hungarians in the business world have a great command of English, especially if they are offering solutions to the international market and deal with foreign companies.

Excellent language skills

4. High level of literacy and great IT education

This high level of accessibility of further self-development possibilities empowers the Hungarian developer milieu to improve their knowledge even more and to get to know the most recent tools and trends.

High level of literacy and great IT education

5. Strong work ethic, diligence

It is not an exaggeration that companies from any country, who experienced the strong work ethic of Hungarians, wholeheartedly welcome new employees from the country.

Strong work ethic, diligence

6. Common culture and values

As your new development team is not situated too far away from your company’s headquarters, you do not have to cope with cultural indifference.

Common culture and values

7. Knowledge of the newest technologies

With so many new technologies coming up like IoT and low-coding, which are the flagships of current high-tech development, we are also aiming for their technological advancement over competitors.

Knowledge of the newest technologies

8. Financial reasons

While the Hungarian middle and working-class has a relatively high living standard, the average monthly salary still doesn’t get close to the ones in other Western countries of the European Union.

Financial reasons

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Zoltán Kővári

Zoltán Kővári

International Business Director